Friday, September 23, 2005

computer images

Ok, here goes my first post about images. I'll focus on computer images for right now. I do have other interests, but I have some stuff that is unique to the computer.

There is a graphics designer from Russia named Vlad that makes the most outstanding computer wallpapers. His site is called Vladstudio. Go check out the wallpapers - I like almost all of them! Here's one I just made my desktop wallpaper (click it to make it bigger):

I could go on and on just about Vlad, but there are other images! Another great site for computer artwork is DeviantArt. Here's some images I found on that site:

And finally, one of the websites I read regularly (but I forget which one) ran a series of pictures taken of a run down 1960's era amusement park in Japan while it was covered with fog. These are some really great pictures, but they're kind of small. I wish I could get larger ones! Here are few of my favorites from the series: